Setting Up A Learning Culture

A Learning Organisation starts with a Learning Mindset – of the organisation and of every single individual.

The impact of any no matter how sophisticated learning concept – virtual or in person – depends on the mindset of the organisation and it’s individuals. Without the right mindset, learning offerings are unfortunately a waste of money.

Our GROWTH Mindset Workshops and Journeys are specialised on helping people to first recognise their own mindset, it’s impact on their capabilities and their life. In a second step we focus with participants on developing a more helpful mindset that actually allows them to learn, grow and be more successful.

Your organisation’s mindset is just simply the perceived average mindset of your people, which is strongly correlated with your companies success.

The importance of the right mindset can be seen in the last years in Satya Nadella’s (CEO Microsoft) effort and success to move Microsoft from a Fixed Mindset to more of a Growth Mindset company. He attributes Microsoft’s transformation and business success of the last years strongly to this shift in mindset.

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